About Us

Rick Crowder

Born and raised in Arkansas, Rick has been in the auto business for over 35 years. From repairs and sales, to bookkeeping and title work, he has accumulated a wide range of experiences and skills. As his auto business grew he was able to hire employees to handle day-to-day operations while he focused on the growing mountain of paperwork. After speaking with several local auto dealers, one thing became very clear - working with the state on vehicle titles is a complex and time consuming process.

He realized that waiting 6 to 8 weeks for a title was simply not going to work for his situation - when he needed a title, he needed a title quickly. This forced him to make frequent trips to Little Rock in order to file his paperwork manually to expedite the process. Word soon got out that he was doing this and many of his industry contacts reached out to him so that he could handle their title paperwork as well. It was from this growing need that Arkansas Vehicle Title Express was born.

What was once a handful of titles has now grown to dozens of titles a week. Our goal is to have every title returned to our customers in 10 days with 0 delays from errors. Arkansas Vehicle Title Express has two uncompromising focuses - speed and accuracy. You won't find a faster, kinder option anywhere else.